2024 1oz Perth Mint's 125th Anniversary Platinum Coin

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The Perth Mint's 125th Anniversary 2024 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin

Mark the Perth Mint's 125th anniversary with this exquisite 1oz platinum bullion coin! Crafted from 99.95% pure platinum, this highly limited mintage release (only 5,000 coins) offers a truly unique opportunity for discerning collectors and investors.

Key Features:

  • Metal: 99.95% pure platinum
  • Weight: 1 troy ounce
  • Legal Tender: Issued as Australian legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965
  • Limited Mintage: Exclusively 5,000 coins minted
  • Security Feature: Micro-laser engraved letter for authentication (visible only with a magnifying glass)
  • Design: Reverse: Features a majestic portrayal of a dragon, symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese culture. The design incorporates stylized waves and fog, hinting at the dragon's control over the elements. The Chinese character for "dragon" is included, along with the inscription "DRAGON 2024" and a special "P125" mintmark signifying the anniversary. Additionally, the coin's weight, purity, and year-date are displayed.
  • Obverse: Depicts the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III by Dan Thorne, along with the coin's monetary denomination.

Celebrating Perth Mint's Heritage

The Perth Mint opened on 20 June 1899 at the height of the Western Australian gold rush. Refining the gold and striking 106 million sovereigns over the next three decades, it played a significant role in the rapid development of Western Australia’s economy. With an outstanding reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and efficiency, the Mint went on to produce vast quantities of Australian circulating coinage between 1940 and 1984. 

The Perth Mint returned to its original purpose as a maker of fine gold coins in 1986. The Australian Kangaroo, originally known as the Australian Nugget, has enjoyed worldwide recognition and success since that pivotal time. Subsequent additions to the official Australian Bullion Coin Program include the Australian Kookaburra and the Australian Koala, both heavily sought after by investors and collectors of fine silver coins.

The modern Perth Mint is a unique enterprise. Operations include refining and investment services, while its world-class visitor attraction tells the story of Western Australian gold and the Mint’s 125-year history. The coining division remains synonymous with superb quality precious metal pieces, none more so than those featuring Australia’s iconic wildlife.

Denomination: $100
Purity: 99.95%
Series: Kangaroo Series
Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Country: Australia
Year: 2024
Product Class: Platinum

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