The Australian half penny — history in your hands

The half penny in Australia, often simply referred to as the 'ha'penny', is no ordinary coin. It's a tangible piece of the country's rich numismatic legacy. As the smallest denomination of the Australian Pound once in circulation, the half-penny captures the essence of a bygone era. Each coin was meticulously crafted to tell a story of the nation's journey, its people and the events that shaped its identity.

The half-penny resonates deeply with both collectors and investors. Its intricate designs and rich history make it a symbol of Australia's dynamic past. Whether you're an avid numismatist or new to the hobby, the half-penny represents a chance to hold a fragment of Australia's storied legacy.

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The Australian half-penny coin, commonly known as a ‘ha'penny,’ was first introduced in 1911. It served as the smallest denomination of the Australian Pound in circulation.

The Australian half-penny coin was made from bronze, comprising 97% copper (Cu), 2.5% zinc (Zn) and 0.5% tin (Sn).

The half-penny in Australia had a diameter of 25.5 mm, a thickness of 1.5 mm and weighed 5.67 grams. The obverse of the coin featured the reigning monarch of Australia. The reverse predominantly showcased a kangaroo in motion, with the words "ONE HALF PENNY" beneath it. Surrounding the kangaroo design, the legend "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" was inscribed. Over the years, there were variations in design, but the kangaroo remained a central figure on the reverse of the half-penny.

The obverse of the half-penny coin featured the current reigning monarch of Australia. Over its circulation, three monarchs were featured — King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

The half-penny was used as a regular form of currency for daily transactions, being the smallest denomination of the Australian Pound. It was equivalent to half of a penny, 1/24 of a shilling or 1/480 of a pound.

No, Australian half-penny coins are no longer in circulation. They were phased out with the introduction of the decimal system in 1966. However, they remain popular among collectors and hold historical significance. For those interested in acquiring or learning more about these treasured coins, Jaggards offers a curated collection of Australian half-pennies — guaranteeing authenticity and quality for every numismatic enthusiast.