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Why You Should Buy Physical Gold?

Gold is defined by stability, maintaining, and progressing its value throughout the ages. People see gold as a way to pass on and preserve wealth from one generation to the next;

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8 Reasons Why Gold Is A Smart Investment

The yellow precious metal is a pillar of safety in the financial world. Let's explore some of the reasons why investing in gold should be your next move...

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The Beginners' Guide To Investing In Precious Metals

The Beginners' Guide To Investing In Precious Metals is designed to cut through the clutter of confusing information out there and give you the best advice on investing in precious metals.

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Are Bullion Coins A Good Investment?

Bullion comes in a variety of forms and weights. Let's discuss bullion coins and the benefits to own this form of bullion...

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Why Jaggards?

Paving the golden path for over 50 years

Our client servicing model has seen Jaggards and the people responsible for developing the foundation of a vibrant bullion market within Australia. We inspire and lead with integrity, authenticity, and trust in the Australian bullion industry, building on a rich history of close to 60 years.

Today, we uphold the same values as we always have, and our goal is to make investing in safe-haven assets as accessible and easily manageable as possible. This means simplifying the terms and concepts often associated with investment in this area. 

Our Heritage