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The desire for gold is not centred on the physical object itself. Rather, it’s a physical symbol of financial freedom and genuine value opportunities that allow you to take control of your wealth. At Jaggards, we make gold, silver, platinum and rare coins more accessible at competitive prices and have a vast stock availability and range.

Alternatively, you can sell to us, and we’ll ensure you get the highest possible value. Given our exceptional customer service, you’ll learn the wisest ways to invest in precious metals and make informed decisions to preserve your wealth.

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Australia’s gold and silver bullion market remains strong, stable and vibrant — and at Jaggards, all hands are on deck to ensure it remains that way for a long time. We pay attention to consumer trends and interests and incorporate our analysis into our processes to ensure our products reflect your preferences.

Moreover, we ensure that Jaggards’ bullion assets are easily accessible and manageable so that you can have better control of your wealth and assets. Discover how you can benefit from the bullion industry, and shop from us today.

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At Jaggards, we strive to make the Australian bullion industry as accessible and streamlined as possible. We provide two options for your convenience: online and in-store.

You may visit our physical location if you prefer to study your options in person and have a conversation with one of our knowledgeable staff about the wisest choice. However, you don’t have to visit us in-store — for your convenience; we maintain an online store where you can browse and shop any time, anywhere.

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At Jaggards, we’re set on developing and maintaining a vibrant bullion market in Australia. For this reason, we carefully curate the suppliers featured on our website, ensuring that each one is worthy of your interest. In turn, these brands offer the best technology, advanced security features, and market standards.

Top Picks to Explore

Already sure about investing in Jaggards’ gold and silver bullion but still figuring out where to start? Discover our top picks to have a clearer idea of what you want to invest in. We have filtered them based on best sellers in the Australian bullion market, high-demand items that are back in stock and new arrivals that you might be interested in.

If you have a specific Jaggard bullion product in mind and need help locating it, or if you have further enquiries about a particular product, get in touch with us. Our team is more than happy to address your concern.

Quick Guides

Before you embark on your new journey and start investing in Jaggards gold and silver bullion, we want you to remain confident in your knowledge of these assets and the industry as a whole. This means diving into the nitty and gritty details of why physical gold remains a timeless investment that serves as a pillar of financial safety, how to start investing in precious metals and whether bullion coins are a wise investment. 

We are constantly updating these quick guides to reflect your most pressing concerns regarding bullion. So, check out these guides and stay on the lookout for more.

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Why Jaggards?

Paving the golden path for 60 years

Our client servicing model has seen Jaggards and the people responsible for developing the foundation of a vibrant bullion market within Australia. We inspire and lead with integrity, authenticity, and trust in the Australian bullion industry, building on a rich history of close to 60 years.

Today, we uphold the same values as we always have, and our goal is to make investing in safe-haven assets as accessible and easily manageable as possible. This means simplifying the terms and concepts often associated with investment in this area. 

We are committed to keeping the Australian bullion market alive and helping you invest in gold and silver bullion assets. With us, you can learn to navigate through this type of investment without complexities and confusion. Reach out to us for enquiries about Jaggards’ bullion, rare coins or banknotes. 

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