Soar with the Canadian Mint Silver Goose Series: A Flock of Collectible Elegance

Experience the majestic grace of Canada's iconic waterfowl in pure silver. The Canadian Mint Silver Goose Series presents a captivating collection of coins celebrating the Canada goose, a symbol of migration, resilience, and the beauty of our natural world.

Each coin is a breathtaking masterpiece:

  • Life-like 3D Goose: Witness the Canada goose in stunning detail, its feathers catching the light and its wings outstretched in mid-flight. This innovative thermoforming technique adds a captivating layer of depth and realism.
  • Exquisite Silver Craftsmanship: Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, each coin gleams with brilliance and intrinsic value.
  • Limited Mintage: Each release boasts a limited worldwide mintage, ensuring exclusivity and collector appeal.
  • Evolving Design: Discover a new captivating goose design with each release, adding to the excitement and intrigue of the series.

Start your collection today and embark on a journey of awe-inspiring beauty with the Canadian Mint Silver Goose Series.