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Step into the world of timeless wealth with Jaggards’ exquisite collection of gold cast bars. Since the dawn of civilisation, gold, whether as a bar or coin, has been a symbol of prosperity, power and prestige. The tradition of gold cast bars has been integral to this legacy, serving as a medium of trade and a cornerstone of wealth preservation for individuals and empires alike.

Today, gold cast bars represent a tangible connection to this rich history, offering seasoned collectors and new investors the opportunity to hold a piece of timeless value.

Own a piece of history that never goes out of style

Investing in gold cast bars is a decision that transcends the allure of the metal itself. It's an investment in stability in an ever-fluctuating financial world. Gold’s intrinsic value is a safe haven against inflation and currency devaluation, making it an ideal choice for those looking to safeguard their wealth. The simplicity and lower premiums over spot prices associated with cast gold bars make them an accessible option for investors aiming to maximise their gold content per dollar spent.

At Jaggards, we understand that each investor's needs are unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of gold cast bars, from smaller, more accessible weights to larger bars for significant investments. Our commitment to authenticity, quality and education ensures that your investment is not just in the gold itself, but in confidence and trust.

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Whether you’re taking the first steps in your investment journey or are a seasoned collector, Jaggards can deliver unparalleled quality, expertise and service in your journey towards securing a diverse investment portfolio. Explore our cast gold bars for sale, or get in touch today to learn more about our cast gold bars prices.


A gold cast bar is a type of gold bullion created by pouring molten gold into a mould, which then solidifies. This process results in a bar with a rough, rustic appearance, often with imperfections that make each bar unique. Cast gold bars are highly valued for their gold content and are a popular choice among investors looking to purchase gold in a relatively pure and bulk form.

Yes, cast gold bars are considered a solid investment for those pursuing the precious metals market. Like gold coins, they are a tangible investment that retains value over time, provides a hedge against inflation and diversifies investment portfolios. Their simplicity and lower production costs can result in a smaller premium over the spot price of gold compared to other forms of gold investments, such as coins or minted bars

Gold cast bars come in various weights, catering to different budgets and investment tastes. Common weights for gold cast bars range from small 1 gram bars to large kilogram (1,000 grams) bars and even larger sizes like 400 troy ounces (approximately 12.4 kilograms) for significant investment purposes.

If you’re looking to buy cast gold bars online through the Jaggards website, you can browse a range of sizing options from ½ oz to 1kg.

Choosing between cast or minted gold bars depends on your investment goals and preferences. Cast bars, typically simpler and less expensive to produce, may carry a lower premium over the spot price of gold. They appeal to investors focused on the pure investment value of gold. On the other hand, minted bars are known for their aesthetic appeal and intricate designs and often come with higher premiums. They can be a better choice for collectors or those looking for gift options.

Ultimately, both types hold intrinsic gold value and can be a good investment — the choice depends on whether you prioritise cost-efficiency, aesthetic value or collectability.