The Australian shilling remains a coveted coin for collectors across the Commonwealth. At Jaggards, we make it our mission to help investors of all experience levels find the collectibles that make the most sense for their needs.We invite you to browse our collection of rare shilling coins at any time.

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Jaggards is the one of Australia’s most trusted marketplaces for silver shilling coins. Investors nationwide rely on our legacy of trust to make informed decisions for their next major move. Curating authenticated silver shilling coins from a variety of years, we make it quick and easy to diversify your portfolio with our vast selection of collectibles.

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Shillings are historical coins once used by members of the British Commonwealth. The value was roughly equivalent to 12 pence (1/20 of a pound) before getting phased out in the late 1960s.

At Jaggards, we’re proud to command an impressive roster of silver shillings from multiple collectors’ years. Browse our catalogue today to find the right coin for you.

Every Australian shilling carries some amount of value, especially for collectors and numismatic enthusiasts. The purity, grade and year of each coin plays directly into its worth and desirability.

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The value of your Australian shilling depends on its age, authenticity, quality and grade. The silver spot price also plays a role, although it may fluctuate wildly on a day-to-day basis.

The best way to determine what your shilling is worth today is to get an appraisal from Jaggards. We would be happy to authenticate your shilling online or in-person to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.

Shilling coins have been around since 796, when Charlemagne passed a monetary reform with 20-gram silver coins called schillings. These coins became a staple unit of currency for the British Commonwealth, and remain a highly desirable collectors’ item even today.

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Jaggards has a expert coin dealer within our team who can authenticate the authenticity of Shilling Coins upon sight. Our coin dealer - Yen Gao - has over 30 years of industry experience appraising collectible coins. 

For officially PCGS coin grading, your collectible will be sent to the facility in America, where it will professional authenticated and graded. PCGS offer Impartial grading and authentication by the world’s top experts. The fee associated with this service can range from $23 to over $300 based on the perceived value of the coin.

The first step is to give us a call and speak with our coin dealer - Yen. Provide details about the coin and it’s condition. In most instances, we can provide a general estimate over the phone, based on the production year. In other instance, we will request to sight your Shilling coins in person for a detailed inspection.

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