Secure Storage

Whether you’re a newcomer to coin and bar collecting or a seasoned professional with an impressive collection, one challenge many investors face is how to safely and securely store their bullion. In addition to offering an exceptional collection of numismatic pieces, we at Jaggards also offer premier secure storage solutions.

No matter the amount, your bullion is worth protecting. Our secure storage facilities provide the utmost protection to your most precious assets. Explore the benefits of secure storage and enquire today to safeguard your valuable bullion.

Why consider secure storage solutions

There are many secure storage benefits that can provide peace of mind and enhance the safety of your investments, such as:

  • Enhanced security — Secure depositories offer robust protection against theft, natural disasters and other potential hazards. These facilities are specifically designed to safeguard precious metals with advanced security measures, ensuring your investments are well-protected.
  • Complimentary insurance — Unlike home storage options, secure storage facilities often have insurance policies to cover your bullion against potential losses. All precious metals stored with Jaggards are covered by complementary insurance for complete peace of mind.
  • Cost-effectiveness — For investors holding significant amounts of bullion, secure storage can be a more cost-effective option than home safes, especially considering the costs of high-quality safes and insurance policies for home storage.

Discover Jaggards’ comprehensive secure storage services

At Jaggards, we offer a unique concierge secure storage service when purchasing through us. Let Jaggards manage the entire process from start to finish without you having to worry at all.

Many investors get nervous when it comes to taking delivery of and storing large amounts of gold, silver, or platinum. This can often bring with it anxiety about storing and protecting the precious metals in their home. This is one of the main reasons why some choose to store their investments at a secure off-site location, such as a depository or vault. Some of the many benefits of the secure storage service that Jaggards offers are listed below:

  • Fully allocated storage
  • Concierge service
  • Fast & Easy Buy Backs

Fully Allocated Storage

Jaggards’ secure storage solution provides fully allocated storage to all accounts. This means that the exact bars, coins, or rounds you purchase are the exact physical products you have allocated to your name and will receive if/when you withdraw. This is in contrast to some storage solutions, which co-mingle inventory and only promise you a certain number of ounces of metal (no specific physical product).

Concierge Service

We do all the heavy lifting and remove any risk for our clients by moving all metals to and from the secured facility at no risk to you. Whether you are interested in gold secure gold storage or silver storage, our team will ensure your metals are moved carefully.

Fast & Easy Buy Backs

Investors and collectors are given ample flexibility to move their assets around as needed. You can easily resell your stored products to Jaggards at competitive rates. We buy them back instantly and apply no commission fees.  We then wire the amount to your bank account.


Jaggards — safe and reliable secure storage solutions

As one of Australia's most reputable dealers, we understand the importance of securing your investments. That's why we offer bespoke secure storage solutions tailored to each investor's unique needs. Our state-of-the-art vaulting services ensure that your bullion is stored safely and is fully insured for complete peace of mind.

For more information about secure storage service, please contact us today or visit our FAQs page.


How it works

1. When making a purchase, let one of our friendly staff know you are wanting to securely store your metals with Jaggards. If you are buying online, you will have the option to select secure storage as a delivery option during checkout. 

2. Complete the secure storage account opening form, which our staff will send once they have been notified. 

3. Once the account has been established, we will pack your goods if ordered online, or you can drop your bullion of at our store, and we take of the rest. 

If at any time you want to sell your bullion,  this can be arranged over the phone, with funds paid into your account within 24hrs. We can also arrange to remove and collect your items anytime during our office hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, this requires 24hr notice. 

Jaggards provide a concierge secure storage service, which means storage clients are unable to access the vaulting facility. We can arrange to have your goods brought to our showroom for collection when 24hrs notice is provided. 

Our client's goods are securely held in perhaps one of the most secure facilities in Australia. All of our client's precious metals stored with Jaggards are covered by complementary insurance for complete peace of mind.

Yes, so long as you provide us with 24hr notice. If you decide to remove your metals from our secure facility we will also provide a prorated refund for however months are remaining in the financial year.

Storage Rates

Metal TypeStorage Fee
Gold / Platinum / Palladium0.50%

Speak to one of our experts

Get in touch with our team and we will advise on a bespoke storage strategy to meet your requirements.


Secure storage refers to highly protected facilities or vaults designed to safely store precious metals, such as gold and silver. These facilities offer advanced security measures, including surveillance, alarms and physical barriers, to safeguard assets from theft, loss or damage, providing peace of mind for investors.

The duration for storing bullion in secure storage can be indefinite. Many investors choose long-term storage for their precious metals to protect and preserve their value over time, with the flexibility to access or sell their assets as required.

Secure storage in Australia is the best way to store and protect your bullion. Jaggards offers a unique and full-circle approach to our secure storage solutions, managing the entire process from start to finish. We offer fully allocated storage, giving your bars or coins a designated place in our secured facility and provide competitive buy-back options for investors looking to resell their stored products.

The minimum annual storage fee starts at $265 and includes storage for approximately 16 ounces of gold(variable based on gold spot price). Any additional volume will incur a storage fee of 0.50% per annum.

The minimum storage fee is $265 per year. An additional fee of 1% is charged when the minimum is exceeded. For reference, the minimum fee covers approximately 22 KG of silver.

At the end of each financial year, storage fees are calculated based on the amount of bullion stored, the storage period, and the spot price as of June 30th.

Jaggards' secure storage services stand out for several unique features. We offer fully allocated storage, ensuring the exact bullion products you purchase are the ones allocated to your account. Our concierge service takes care of all logistics, moving metals to and from the secured facility without any risk to the client.

We also make fast and easy buybacks possible, buying back stored products at competitive rates without commission fees and promptly wiring funds to your bank account.