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Delve into the world of precious metals with Jaggards' Australian Kangaroo gold coin collection, a treasure trove of investment and heritage. Originating from the Perth Mint, these Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo coins are celebrated for their exquisite design, showcasing Australia's iconic kangaroo. Each year brings a new design, adding uniqueness to every piece. Crafted with .9999 pure gold, these gold coins are pieces of art, representing Australia's rich natural history and cultural pride.

The value of Australian kangaroo gold coins is not to be overlooked, as investing in Australian Kangaroo gold coins offers a blend of tangible asset security and aesthetic appeal. Their annual design changes make each coin unique, enhancing its collectible value over time, which is ideal for investors looking to hold an extensive collection.

As these coins are classified as a precious metal, and gold is recognised as a “safe” investment, they are a formidable force against market uncertainty and fluctuations and a cherished part of a diverse investment portfolio.

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Jaggards is your premier destination for your rare coin collection journey. Our expertise in numismatics ensures that every collector and investor gains access to coins of unparalleled quality and authenticity. We invite you to explore our carefully curated Australian Kangaroo gold coins collection. Whether you're expanding your collection or starting anew, Jaggards offers the perfect blend of history, beauty and numismatic knowledge.

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The Australian Kangaroo gold coin, known for its .9999 gold purity and iconic design, changes in value daily with gold market fluctuations. Depending on the dealer you work with and the weight of the coin you are interested in, the price of Australian Kangaroo gold coins on the Jaggards website can range from $400 to over $3,000.

However, it’s also worth noting that prices are subject to change based on the current gold spot price and collector demand.

Australian Kangaroo gold coins boast a high gold purity of 99.99%. This level of fineness makes them one of the purest gold bullion coins available on the market, appealing to investors and collectors for their quality and investment value.

Yes, Australian Kangaroo gold coins are considered legal tender in Australia. Issued by the Perth Mint, these coins have a monetary value assigned by the Australian government. However, their market value as gold bullion far exceeds their face value, making them more valuable as an investment or collector's item than for everyday transactions.

Australian Kangaroo gold coins feature a distinctive design that changes annually, showcasing various depictions of the kangaroo, symbolising Australia's unique wildlife. The obverse features an image of the monarch of the year it was made, with most showing the late Queen Elizabeth II and more recently King Charles III, signifying the coin's status as legal tender under the Australian government. This combination of a dynamic, annually updated kangaroo motif with the consistent portrayal of the monarch highlights the coins' blend of cultural significance and investment appeal.

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