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The desire for gold coins and bullion may have something to do with the physical attributes of the safe-haven assets. Still, it’s greatly centred on the financial freedom and security that owning gold entails. Jaggards understands this, which is why we feature gold products at competitive prices and diverse stock availability.

Here, you’ll experience exceptional customer service while reviewing your options and finding the gold products you prefer. Learn more about our company and how we make these assets accessible and manageable for individual and private investors or contact us for enquiries!

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The benefits of buying gold bullion in Sydney

Investing in gold bullion is more than just a hobby — it’s a highly strategic financial hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Hundreds of Australians have purchased gold to expand their portfolios, turning to precious metals as an investment alternative for a number of specific benefits:

  • Gold bullion has a tendency to rise during periods of economic instability, making it a desirable option for Australian investors concerned about their financial future.
  • Gold bullion may be less volatile than traditional stocks and bonds. Since gold has outperformed most Australian shares over the past 20 years, it may be a desirable investment for savvy individuals or forward-thinking organisations.
  • Gold bullion is a physical asset you can sell with relative ease. While it takes up to two days to receive funds from selling stock, you can sell gold to Jaggards and receive physical cash almost immediately after authentication.

Learn more about the benefits of investing in gold bullion by reading our guide about precious metal investments.

Why Buy Gold Bullion from Jaggards

Jaggards has been contributing to Australia’s gold bullion market for more than 60 years. We strive for authenticity, integrity and trust — and this shows in how we empower our customers to invest in gold coins and bullion. We simplify all terms and concepts associated with precious metal assets and offer these products in a secure and straightforward marketplace. We want to help you achieve your investment goals with speed, confidence and professionalism.

Whether you’re an individual investor looking to expand your collection of gold coins or a private investor interested in getting gold bullion market insights before making your next move, we’re on a mission to deliver valuable solutions worth every moment of your time. 

We invite you to visit our showroom or online store to explore our vast collection of metals privately and securely. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy gold in Australia online, browse our catalogue and shop today.


Gold bullion is a type of precious metal with a very high purity rating. Although it typically appears in the form of cast bars or ingots, it’s possible to trade bullion as coins or secondary products.

Jaggards specialises in selling investment-grade gold bullion to Australians in Sydney and beyond. We invite you to browse our catalogue today to find the perfect gold bullion for your needs.

Gold bullion prices primarily depend on weight and purity. The going price of gold in Australia also fluctuates on a day-to-day basis, which means the price of one gold bullion isn’t set in stone.

At Jaggards, we rely on the daily spot price to understand how much gold bullion is worth at any given moment. You’re welcome to explore our real-time gold price chart to see the daily spot price for gold bullion in Australia. Alternatively, you can use our buyback calculator to estimate how much we can pay for gold bullion of different weights.

There is no restriction on the amount of gold bullion you can buy in Australia. Anyone in Sydney can buy and sell gold without restraint, so long as they have the means to do so. Feel free to sign up with the Perth Mint Depository Online to buy and sell gold bullion at any time.

Jaggards makes it easy to shop and store gold bullion in a secure location. Our secure vaulted storage option is easy to use and provides the peace of mind needed for precious metal investing. Please give us a call today to chat more about your options.

There may be gold bullion products available from Jaggards within a range of $100. However, since prices may vary day by day, there’s no way to guarantee this for certain. The best way to see if you can buy gold bullion for $100 is to browse our collection of products today.

Jaggards is a firm believer in authenticity and trust, which is why we issue a verification slip on every product we sell. You can rest easy knowing we’re issuing quality gold bullion for your investing needs. You don’t need to worry about anything falling through the cracks; we take care of all the details.

The price of gold bullion may rise or fall according to specific circumstances, including economic policies, political events or higher than average demand. Jaggards updates the prices of gold bullion in real-time, so you can make informed decisions for your investment needs. Just visit our chart resources page to learn more.

Gold bullion delivery through Jaggards is safe, fast and convenient. If you do not want to pick up your purchase in-store, you can use courier-mail to receive your order within one to three days. Because we’ve made investing in gold bullion as accessible and manageable as possible, we also provide a secure vaulting service on your behalf.

At Jaggards, you can find a vast collection of gold coins and bullion bars to add to your collection or investment portfolio. We also sell silver bullion, platinum products, gold cast bars, rare coins and banknotes sourced from internationally recognised mints. 

Jaggards is also an authorised distributor of the Perth Mint, ABC Bullion, PAMP and Argor-Heraeus, amongst many other Good Delivery LBMA brands. We carefully choose who we partner with to ensure our customers receive the highest quality investment-grade bullion products.

Jaggards offers a wide variety of bullion products to choose from if you're looking to buy gold in Sydney. Our selection includes investment-grade options in many sizes, including ounces, grams and kilograms. We also sell bullion in different forms, such as cast bars, mints or coins. Please note we offer various product series, collections and designs, as well as subsets like year, denomination, and mintage. 

If you're new to precious metals investing, read our helpful guide — an introduction to bullion — to understand the characteristics that define bullion items.

If you're new to buying gold and need assistance selecting a product, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

Jaggards has been paving the golden path since 1963, when founder and enthusiast Robert Jaggard started trading his personal collection of worldly coins to the public. Since then, we have upheld the same values of trust and authenticity, contributing to the stable footing of the Australian gold bullion marketplace.

Today, many individual collectors and private investors choose to purchase gold coins and bullion from the team at Jaggards. We strive to provide a straightforward marketplace that empowers you to make wise investment decisions. Learn more about us!

Yes, you can sell gold bullion at Jaggards, and we ensure the process is simple and easy. Simply visit our Sydney showroom to sell your bullion over the counter. We buy gold coins, cast bars and minted products at market-leading rates, offering some of the highest buyback prices for bullion in Sydney.

We’ve worked hard to make the buyback process streamlined for your convenience. All you need to do is present your items, receive an instant offer and make a decision. Just bring your personal identification (Physical Driver's Licence) and bank account details for the transfer. 

To receive an accurate value estimate of your gold bullion products, use our buyback live pricing calculator to instantly see what your items are worth.