Secondary Metals Market

Whether you are a prospective buyer or seller, the secondary metals market carries great potential. The secondary metals market is defined as the buying and selling of precious metals to a party other than the original owner of that metal. The primary market, in contrast, refers to the purchase of new, uncirculated items.

For many coin enthusiasts or investors, the secondary market provides an opportunity to take advantage of significant cost savings and promote a low environmental impact. The demand for recycled metals rarely ceases, as gold and silver have a long-standing reputation for being “safe” investments within the market, meaning the secondary gold market or secondary silver market provides ample lucrative opportunities. 

It’s important to note that the secondary market does not necessarily denote inferiority, in fact, bullion products can retain their value in metal contents and, if produced in low mintage, can attract considerable value for their scarcity. Bullion is primarily determined by its metal content — either as gold, silver, or platinum — not whether it is bought or sold on the primary or secondary market.

This can be a new and unique journey for beginner buyers and sellers. Rest assured that Jaggards remains your trusted guide, helping you navigate the secondary metal market with confidence.

Not only do we provide ongoing support and guidance, Jaggards buys and sells items in the secondary precious metals market, in the form of bullion and numismatics. The products that we buy or sell are guaranteed for their authenticity and metal value and are appraised in accordance with the condition and circulation of the bullion product.

By providing a reliable platform, Jaggard enables participants to buy and sell goods in the secondary market with confidence and security. Our seasoned expertise and strategic oversight contribute to healthy market integrity, ensure fair pricing and support sustainable precious metal practices by extending the lifespan of these sought-after products. 

Secondary metals are in demand and have a firm place in the market because of several factors, these include: 

  • Acquiring bullion products in low circulation— Secondary markets provide an avenue to access Bullion products that are no longer in active circulation or production. These metals appeal to collectors and investors seeking unique items not readily available in the usual retail channels.
  • Acquiring minted items from popular collections — Collectors and investors often look to secondary metal markets to find items from highly sought-after mint collections. These items may no longer be available directly from mints, making the secondary market the best place to complete or expand collections.
  • Premiums are often lower due to signs of wear or circulation — Secondary market items often come with lower premiums than new ones because they show signs of wear or have been previously circulating. This alternative makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Metals retain their intrinsic value, making them a popular option for smart investors— Despite their physical condition, secondary metals retain the intrinsic value of the metal they contain, and many investors recognise the long-term stability metals like gold and silver offer.
  • Owning a secondary or rare coin with limited mintage can increase in value— Collectors and investors are often drawn to rare, secondary items for their potential to appreciate in value over time, making secondary metals a highly profitable investment. 

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