Make a truly valuable addition to your portfolio with a silver bar or coin from Jaggards. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of low upfront premiums or add silver coins to a precious collection, you’re sure to find the perfect item in this unique range.
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Physical silver is becoming an increasingly popular investment choice for Australian traders and investors. As a leading supplier of silver bars and coins from major distributors, including Perth Mint and ABC Bullion, Jaggards has made it easier than ever to source the ideal piece for your portfolio or collection. 
Whether you browse our silver collection online or in-store, you’re met with world-class products, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. With free member price alerts, as well as live and historical spot price charts at your disposal, there’s simply no better place to buy silver in Australia today. 

Silver bullion products available from Jaggards
Jaggards offers an extensive collection of silver bars, coins and mints. We make it easy to find the perfect piece for any collection, regardless of your budget or experience level.
We currently offer the following silver bullion products:

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At Jaggards, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient and secure marketplace for purchasing silver bullion bars and coins. Along with offering a range of safe and secure payment methods, we only work with trusted delivery partners to ensure online orders are handled with care. Simply choose your desired silver pieces, finalise your payment and transaction, and allow us to arrange collection or secure delivery of your order.

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Industry experts acknowledge Jaggards as one of Australia’s most reputable precious metal bullion dealers. No matter what kind of bullion you’re looking for, our team can help you both find and secure it.
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Jaggards has been in the business of precious metals for more than 60 years, providing an extensive range of silver coins and bars at competitive prices. Our ongoing operations in Sydney, glowing customer reviews and exceptionally talented team are all reasons why you should buy silver from us. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and intimate, secure and private shopping environment. 

As a company, we are deeply ingrained and infused in the Australian bullion industry, and held in high regard by both industry professionals and our customers. Our glowing customer reviews are a testament of our dedication to our customers. We believe that experience and reputation make us a reliable and efficient choice for those looking to invest in silver.

With Jaggards, buying silver in Australia is made easier than ever. Browse our extensive silver collection online or in-store. 

If shopping online, simply add your desired silver products to the cart, complete the transaction by logging in or registering for an account and paying for your order. Once we’ve received your payment, we arrange the order for delivery or prepare your goods for in-store collection.

A reputable precious metals merchant such as Jaggards is the best way to buy silver. You can find a wide variety of options available on our website, including classic silver cast bars for portfolio diversification, the latest product releases and rare coins for collections. 

Our e-commerce bullion store, which is updated in real-time, allows you to easily browse and shop at any time. Our online store is popular among customers for its ability to compare products, track price movements and stay informed about new releases and industry news.

Yes, buying silver is considered a good investment, especially for those looking to diversify, hedge and protect their portfolios. Silver holds its long-term value and is often looked at as a safe haven investment during uncertain times. Additionally, silver has various industrial uses which can drive demand and potentially increase its value.  According to the World Gold Council, silver prices have increased substantially in the past decade, rising 24% in Australian dollar terms. This trend is likely to continue as silver becomes increasingly popular due to its affordability and liquidity.

It depends on your investment goals and personal preferences. Both silver coins and bars have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Silver bullion coins in Australia, such as Silver Kangaroo, Silver Philharmonics and Silver Britannias, are popular among collectors because of their design and historical significance. They are also easy to store and transport because of their smaller size. However, they often have a higher premium compared to silver bars due to their value.

Silver bars, on the other hand, are more popular among investors looking to buy silver in bulk. They generally offer greater value per ounce than silver coins because they do not have added collectible value. They are also easy to store and transport due to their larger size. However, they may be less visually appealing than silver coins.

The gold/silver ratio represents the price relationship between gold and silver. Some investors will analyse historical gold/silver ratios to see if the current ratio means gold or silver are under or overpriced relative to each other.

Jaggards offers a unique secure storage option for investors looking for extra peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art vault comes with fully allocated storage and a concierge service, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe. Purchase your silver either online or in-person, then transition your products to our secure vault today.

Jaggards is a reputable Our in-house experts authenticate each piece of silver to determine the purity and source of the bullion. If you have any additional questions about a specific piece of silver, don’t hesitate to contact Jaggards today.

Jaggards follows a specialised authentication process to ensure the quality of each piece of bullion. Our proprietary noninvasive methodology ensures we can evaluate your silver without damaging the merchandise. If you’re curious to see what this looks like in action, feel free to visit our Sydney retail store. 

The price of silver is completely dependent on supply, demand and economic factors. Changing political environments and uncertain economic climates may also create dips and peaks in the spot price.

At Jaggards, we offer complimentary pricing charts that track the spot price of silver throughout the day. We update all our charts in real-time, so you can make informed decisions before buying or selling precious metals. 

Jaggards use premium overnight express parcel delivery services via TNT couriers. The premium service ensures that you’re parcel is handled in as little time in transit ensure a fast and safe delivery to your door. Our courier mail serivce

Selling your silver bullion back to Jaggards is simple, quick and seamless. First, you can visit our buyback calculator to get a rough estimate of your buyback price. Then, you can send your silver to our storefront (or visit us in person) to get a more accurate quote.

When you’re ready to get started, you can view our full collection of silver bars and coins today.