Embark on a journey through rich history with Jaggards rare world coin collection

Collecting rare world coins is like embarking on a captivating journey through time and culture. These coins, originating from diverse eras and countries, hold stories that resonate across generations. People are drawn to collecting rare world coins for their intrinsic value, the incredible stories they tell and the insight they provide into our history. 

From ancient civilisations to modern nations, rare world coins showcase their time's artistic and societal values. Building a rare world coin collection can transport you to another era, sparking curiosity about the people who used it and the events that shaped the time.

At Jaggards, we understand the allure of rare world coins. Our curated collection showcases the best of our world’s history, and our commitment to quality and authenticity is unmatched. Each coin in our collection is carefully sourced and thoroughly vetted to ensure they are genuine. We understand the value of your investment and take pride in offering coins that meet the highest standards within the industry.

Explore our collection, delve into the stories these coins tell, and connect with fellow enthusiasts today. If you have any questions about our rare world coin collection, please do not hesitate to contact our insightful team or visit our FAQs page for more information about our service.


One of the easiest ways to begin your rare world coin collection is by educating yourself. First, research online, read books and join collector forums to learn about the origins of different coins and their origins. You can then start with affordable options, like circulated coins from diverse countries, or by focusing on specific themes or regions to narrow down your search.

By purchasing rare world coins from Jaggards, you’ll have access to a wide range of rare and unique coins from diverse countries and eras, catering to beginners and seasoned collectors. We are a highly respected name in the coin collection industry and can guarantee competitive pricing, authenticity and quality to provide buyers with confidence in their investment.

At Jaggards, we’ve made the process of selling or trading rare world coins a seamless experience. Customers can opt to sell their coins at our Sydney showroom over the counter or mail us the merchandise via post. As a respected rare coin seller and collector, we proudly offer buyback prices from around 99% of the spot market value, should the coins be in acceptable condition.

Once the price has been finalised, we’ll transfer the funds into your bank account or with cash if you are trading in person.

Yes! As rare coin enthusiasts, we’re happy to share our tips and tricks with customers to ensure the preservation of their collections. Make sure to always store your coins in a cool, dry place to avoid fluctuating temperatures, and wear cotton gloves to prevent damage from the oils in your skin when inspecting or moving your coins. You may also want to consider investing in a safe or a safety deposit box and using acid-free holders or capsules to protect coins from dust and scratches.