Give yourself a timeless piece of history — shop Lunar gold coins with Jaggards

With a rich history and endearing investment potential, Lunar gold coins make for a must-have investment for all coin collectors and enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the allure of these exquisite treasures and discover the narrative behind each coin and its historical significance with Jaggards today.

The history of Lunar gold coin sales can be traced back to their origins in the ancient lunar calendars, where each year was symbolised by an animal from the Chinese zodiac. Jaggards proudly presents a curated collection that pays homage to this age-old tradition, showcasing the symbolic nature of each creature. From the majestic dragon to the elegance of the rabbit and wisdom of the rat, our Lunar series gold coins transport collectors through time.

Unveiling the investment potential of the Lunar gold coin

Whether displayed as a centrepiece in your collection or passed down as a family heirloom, the value of Lunar gold coins cannot be overstated. 

Beyond their one-of-a-kind appearance, Lunar gold coins have earned a well-deserved reputation as sound investments. For instance, the limited mintage of these coins only enhances their rarity, making them well-sought-after collectables. Many investors are also drawn to their stability, as these coins allow for simple and potentially profitable portfolio diversification.

A Lunar gold coins’ worth is only amplified by the high-quality gold these treasures are crafted with, serving as a top tangible asset in an uncertain economy. Jaggards' commitment to authenticity and quality also ensures each Lunar coin in our collection is a genuine representation of its historical excellence.

Why trust Jaggards to buy Lunar gold coins

For several years, Jaggards has stood as a trusted curator of rare and valuable coins, committed to providing collectors with unparalleled quality and authenticity. Our Lunar coins collection is no exception, embodying the essence of tradition and superior craftsmanship.

Our Lunar gold coins for sale seamlessly blend a rich history and the prosperity of your investment. Explore the lunar zodiac with us and discover the long-lasting legacy these coins can bring to your collection. For more information about our Lunar coins or where to buy Lunar gold coins in-store, please contact us today or visit our FAQ page.


Coin collectors can view the price of Lunar gold coins and make their purchase via the Jaggards’ website or by visiting us in-store. For customers shopping exclusively online, we offer in-store pick-up for those who prefer to collect their new gold coins in person.

For investors seeking gold coins in Australia, the Perth Lunar gold coin series holds significant appeal. Minted by the prestigious Perth Mint, these coins feature the Chinese zodiac lunar calendar animals, showcasing intricate designs and superb craftsmanship. With a gold purity of 99.99%, these coins combine aesthetic beauty with high-quality make-up. Not to mention, the limited mintage of each lunar year only enhances their collectable value, making them sought-after by investors and coin enthusiasts.

The Perth Lunar coin for 2024 is the Year of the Dragon 1oz Gold Bullion Coin, celebrating the animal’s fifth year of the lunar zodiac and crafted with 99.99% pure gold.

Yes, Australian gold coins, such as the Lunar gold coin series produced by the Perth Mint, are made of real gold. The gold content is typically expressed in terms of purity, and these coins often have a purity of 99.99%, representing that they are of high-quality and pure gold.