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1kg Silver Bar (Secondary)

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  • 500g 100oz



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1kg Silver Secondary Bar

This 1kg Silver secondary bar is a great way to add to your silver holdings. It is made of 99.9% pure silver and is stamped with the weight and purity. The bar is in good condition, and any presence of milk spotting and/or discolouration should be viewed as a natural response to the environment.

Benefits of Buying a 1kg Silver Secondary Bar

  • Lower premiums: Secondary silver bars are typically sold at a lower premium than new bars. This is because they have already been owned, thus the fabrication and manufacturing costs have been absorbed by the previous owner.
  • Wider availability: Secondary silver bars are often more widely available than new bars. This is because they are often sold by private individuals or dealers who have a large inventory of silver bars.
  • More variety: Secondary silver bars come in a wider variety of sizes, shapes, and designs than new bars. This gives you more options to diversify your Silver bullion range with some rare or unique designs.
  • No waiting period: Secondary silver bars are often available for immediate purchase. This means that you can get your silver bars quickly and easily, without having to wait for a new shipment to arrive.

How to Buy a 1kg Silver Secondary Bar

You can purchase a secondary Silver Cast Bar from Jaggards, which ensures the authenticity and purity of your purchase. Jaggards has been operating in the bullion market for over 60 years so you can trust in our transparent and authentic service. Purchasing is simple by using our online store or visiting us at our Sydney retail showroom. We offer courier mail service inclusive of insurance starting from $30 Australia-wide or simply click & collect at the checkout.


  • Weight: 1kg
  • Purity: 99.9%
  • Dimensions: Varies
  • Stamped with weight and purity
  • Good condition
  • Minimal Signs of Wear

What types of brands are available?

Secondary Silver bars will vary in brand availability at any time, however, Jaggards frequently offers Perth Mint, ABC Bullion, Baird & Co and others. We ensure that the secondary bars are fit for resale in future and you can rest assured that Jaggards will always be willing to repurchase the same bar in good condition for a fair market value! See our live buy-back rates here.

Why Buy a 1kg Silver Secondary Bar?

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a 1kg Silver secondary bar. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • To add to your silver holdings
  • To save on premiums associated with new silver bars
  • To have a physical asset that you can hold and touch
  • To protect your wealth from inflation
  • To invest in a precious metal that has a long history of value

Please note that the allocation of Secondary Bars is at random to remain fair and honest to all our consumers.

Purity: 99.9%
Series: Cast
Manufacturer: Secondary Products
Product Class: Silver

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