CPI and FED Decision all happening tomorrow

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Tomorrow we’ll enjoy a rare double feature, with the morning delivering US CPI data and the afternoon the FED decision on rates. With the RBA generally following the US lead on setting interest rates, we’ll also be looking forward to our own RBA reporting on the 18th of this month. 
While CPI data will probably drive more volatility in markets worldwide, we’ll be all watching FED Chair Powell closely for any clues around monetary policy tightening or easing in the near future. While Powell has a history of very controlled and measured announcements, economists and media have learnt to read closely into his reporting and we’ll definitely be gleaning some important information from his release.
While the S&P500 has looked weak over the past week, tech and software giant Apple surged 6% yesterday on the back of AI integration into upcoming iPhones and other Apple products later this year. Investors obviously saw this as bullish, especially around a clear designed obsolescence technique stating that older phones will not be AI compatible. Adding an additional 215Billion to their market cap, Apple is now closing in on Microsoft the world’s largest company by market capitalisation. If you’re looking closely at today’s SP500 chart included, you wouldn’t be amiss in thinking ‘wow, that looks overvalued’. 
We’ll have commentary on the FED’s news this Friday - Enjoy today’s charts.
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