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Invest in quality bullion at incredible prices with Jaggards' Bullion Sale! Whether you're a seasoned collector, building your portfolio, or seeking the perfect gift, this is your chance to acquire precious metals at lower premiums. Explore the curated selection by category – silver coins & rounds, silver bars, or gold coins – and find the perfect piece to call your own.  

Bullion Sale FAQ

Absolutely! No codes are needed, the sales prices you see are already applied. Just add your chosen bullion to your cart and checkout to secure your savings.

Bullion premiums are typically calculated by taking the difference between the spot price and the price that a dealer is charging for physical bullion. For example, if the spot price of gold is $3050 per ounce and a dealer is charging $3150 per ounce for a gold coin, then the premium would be $100 per ounce. You can check the current spot price here

They differ in weight, purity, design, and year of mintage. Each has its own unique appeal depending on your investment goals and collecting preferences.

Market conditions change, but precious metals have historically proven to be a safe haven asset, and Jaggards' current sale offers attractive prices.  

Random Year Coins are pre-owned coins from a specific series. They come in various years, spanning from the series' start to more recent issues. This allows you to add silver to your collection at a lower premium compared to specific year coins.

Why choose them?

  • Save money: Enjoy lower premiums compared to specific year coins.
  • Build variety: Collect diverse dates without the cost of specific years.

What to expect:

  • Condition: As pre-owned coins, they may show signs of age like toning or minor milk spots. Rest assured, they're still in good condition, just not "mint."
  • No year choice: You can't choose a specific year. Want a specific one? Check our listings for individual year coins.

A bullion premium is the additional cost of buying physical gold, silver, or other precious metals above the spot price. The spot price is the current price of precious metals as quoted on a commodity exchange, such as the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). The bullion premium can vary depending on a number of factors, including the supply and demand for physical metals, the cost of refining and storing metals, and the transportation costs.

Gold bullion delivery through Jaggards is safe, fast and convenient. If you do not want to pick up your purchase in-store, you can use courier-mail to receive your order within one to three days. Because we’ve made investing in gold bullion as accessible and manageable as possible, we also provide a secure vaulting service on your behalf.

Jaggards makes it easy to shop and store gold bullion in a secure location. Our secure vaulted storage option is easy to use and provides the peace of mind needed for precious metal investing. Please give us a call today to chat more about your options.

Jaggards offers a unique secure storage option for investors looking for extra peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art vault comes with fully allocated storage and a concierge service, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe. Purchase your silver either online or in-person, then transition your products to our secure vault today.

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All deliveries will incur a minimum delivery charge of $30. Gold, Platinum, and Palladium orders will incur a shipping charge of just $1.90 per oz,  with Silver being charged at $3.90 per kg.

Example 1

You purchase 1 Kilo of Silver and 1oz of Gold, you will pay the minimum rate of $30.

Example 2

You purchase 10 Kilos of Silver and 8oz of Gold.
@ $3.90 per Kilo for Silver
@ $1.90 per Ounce for Gold
The cost would be (10 x $3.90) + (8 x $1.90) = $54.20

Orders have a maximum shipping value of AUD$60,000, so an order of $120,000 will be split into 2 separate shipping consignment notes and charged accordingly.

The standard holding period is 14 days. If you collect within this time frame, it is free of charge. When the 14 days are up, if you do not collect your parcel it will be moved to our vaulting facility at your expense. Click here to see vaulting and storage options and costs.

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