Why buy physical Gold?

Where Can You Buy Gold Bars in Australia?

Have you been wondering where to buy gold bars in Australia in 2021? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Gold has long been a favourite asset for investors across the globe due to its finite nature,

stability, and reputation as a luxury good. Where stock markets and cryptocurrency can

often be quite volatile, gold remains steady, supported by a proven track record of longterm


So, just where can you buy gold bars from? Like anything, gold bars can be purchased in

either physical locations or from online retailers. Gold itself can be bought in other forms

such as an ‘exchange-traded fund’ or in coins, for example.

Whether you’re an experienced gold investor or you’re new to the game, the team at

Jaggards are here to run you through the best, most efficient ways to purchase gold bars in

Australia in 2021. But first, let’s take a closer look at why you should invest in gold bars.

Why Should I Invest in Gold Bars?

Gold is defined by stability, maintaining, and progressing its value throughout the ages.

People see gold as a way to pass on and preserve wealth from one generation to the next;

gold can’t be corroded, can be converted into many forms, and has a unique, striking colour

to accompany its strong perception within society.

For those who have an active investment portfolio, gold represents a hugely effective

diversifier – it provides competitive returns compared to other financial assets, is unaffected

by rapid swings in conventional markets and is a way to protect against currency fluctuation

or inflation. Unlike cryptocurrency or stock investments, when you invest in gold, you’re

receiving a tangible asset that you can enjoy. Similarly, stock markets and currency value

can be prone to significant movement during geopolitical uncertainty, yet gold will retain its’


Where Can You Buy Gold Bars in Australia?

So, just where can you buy gold bars? Buying gold bars in Australia is quite a simple process

and can be done either through online channels or via physical locations.

As one of the most trusted, convenient, and multi-channel providers of gold bars, coins and

more in Australia, Jaggards is the gold dealer to turn to for all those looking to get involved

in investing in gold.

You can choose to visit our in-store location at Level 8/74 Pitt Street, Sydney, or shop for

gold bars online here!

Our extensive range of gold bars sized anywhere from 5g to 5kg means that there’s an

option for everyone, whether you’re just entering into the world of gold or if you’re an

experienced gold investor. Our clients love the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Minted Bar, a beautiful

piece of gold at an accessible price point. If you’re looking to up the stakes, check out our

100g ABC Gold Cast Bar, easily distinguishable, internationally recognised and composed of

99.99% pure gold.

Things to Consider When Buying Gold Bars

If you’re looking to add gold bars to your investment portfolio, there are some things that

you should keep in mind:

1. Insurance

We obtain many forms of insurance in our lives to preserve value - when we travel, we

insure ourselves; when we purchase a car, we insure ourselves. Gold is no different. If you

decide to store your gold at home, you’ll need to insure your gold in the event of theft,

natural disaster and more. Moreover, if you’re receiving your gold via shipping methods,

there’s always a chance something could happen to the package. When shopping with Jaggards, 

your items are always protected in transit and covered by our insurance policy - giving you

peace of mind every-time you shop with us.

2. Storage

After you’ve purchased gold, you’ll need to consider where you’ll store it. Whilst you can

keep it at home if you wish, many investors, especially high-scale investors, prefer leaving

their assets in the hands of a custodian or inside a vault. At Jaggards, we offer secure

storage for your investments at our partner vaulting facility in Sydney at one of the lowest

rates for storage on the market. For gold, our storage fee is 0.75% of the purchase price.

3. Purity

The percentage of gold within a bar has a massive impact on its’ value and worth as an

investment – gold with higher purity will stand the test of time. At Jaggards, we only sell

gold bars of the highest standard; 99.9% purity. Our success is based on our focus on

offering customers only the very best service, product quality and range of selection.

Other Ways to Invest in Gold

We’ve covered the issue of “where can you buy gold bars?”, but when it comes to investing

in gold, you’re not just limited to buying gold bars. Outside of gold bars, investors have

three other options to consider when investing.

1. Buy Gold Coins

Gold coins are an excellent option for those wanting to invest in gold. They’re great for

assembling a collection and feeling more secure in your investment due to their tangibility.

2. Invest in Gold ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a popular option among investors; however, you’re not

buying a physical asset if you purchase an ETF. Instead, you’re accessing a passively

managed index fund. They provide added liquidity but may not entirely match up with the

market price of gold.

3. Invest in Gold Mining Organisations

If you’re looking for a more passive way to invest in gold, you can invest in companies that

mine gold. However, keep in mind, these companies are prone to external factors and

market volatility and thus lose the unique offerings of stability and reliability that physical

gold possesses.

Jaggards: The Place to Buy Gold Bars in Australia

If you’ve been wondering where to buy gold bars in Australia, look no further than Jaggards.

We’re incredibly passionate about the value and beauty of gold and are always excited to

open a dialogue with those that share this interest and deliver solutions of lasting value.

Like any investment, it is recommended that you engage in your own research before

investing. Always make sure never to invest what you can’t afford to lose.

If you need any further assistance with buying gold bars or want to learn more about gold,

the Jaggards team is here to help; contact us on 02 9230 0886 today