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An historically unprecedented mess has been created by compromised central bankers and inept economic advisors, whose interference has irreversibly altered and damaged the world financial system, urgently pushed after the removed anchor of money to gold. Analysis features Gold, Crude Oil, USDollar, Treasury bonds, and inter-market dynamics with the US Economy and US Federal Reserve monetary policy.

As preface, consider that the USTreasury 10-year yield went below 1.4% this week. Some unenlightened celebrate the asset appreciation and point to a successful asset in performance in an otherwise dismal financial market. The Jackass said in the June 6th public article "USTBonds: Black Hole Dynamics" that such a success is a marquee billboard message of economic meltdown and systemic failure. As the rally continues, possibly the onliest rally outside of corn and soybeans in yet another disaster, people should focus on whether the systemic collapse will occur before the 10-yield hits 1.0% in my warning. Focus on four major points:

  • The unspoken effect of ZIRP (0%) is the powerful ongoing destruction of capital, as the entire cost structure rises
  • As equipment goes off line further, the USEconomy will weaken further, in a powerful vicious cycle
  • The official Zero Percent Interest Policy is the calling card of the Gold Bull Market, powered by negative inflation adjusted returns on savings
  • The USTBonds will fail from their own success, unleashing the Gold Price when the investment community and global creditors realize no further potential appreciation in the most massive asset bubble in modern history, supported by Interest Rate Swap derivative machinery. Money will eventually fly out of bonds and seek true safe haven.

Click http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_12/willie072512.html for more


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